Instructions for FreeBSD

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Mon Jun 5 17:24:12 IST 2006

Julian Field wrote:
> On 5 Jun 2006, at 12:33, DAve wrote:
>> You could simply make your installer script FreeBSD aware and 
>> everything would be fine. Jan would be the man to talk to, as he 
>> maintains the FreeBSD port he already knows what needs to be where 
>> for a FreeBSD system.
> Okay, I will contact Jan-Peter, and find out what should be where.

Also forgot to mention, if you put the files according to hier ( ), you may cause a problem 
by conflicting with the port based counterparts. Therefore you should 
put the files in their own dirs. But again, i think the best solution is 
to patch the port accordingly.

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