Instructions for FreeBSD

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Mon Jun 5 17:10:39 IST 2006

DAve wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> If so, why, and is there anything easy I could do to fix it?
>> It's just that it does all sorts of other tweaks and settings for 
>> you, as well as just build and install the packages.
> The issue it not whether your package works but whether your package 
> installs in the same manner as other FreeBSD software. I use non 
> FreeBSD installs all the time, you will find most FreeBSD admins have 
> no problem with non FreeBSD installs.

Having used FreeBSD since 2.x days, i would have to disagree with you. I 
dislike installing anything from source, as it usually creates a mess, 
and is harder to do maintenance on, things such as portaudit do not 
work, etc, etc...

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