bdc and clamscan always high on top

Steve Campbell campbell at
Mon Jun 5 15:49:49 IST 2006

I'm not sure if this is normal, but bdc and clamscan always seems to be on 
the top of top's list now. They usually state something around 20% CPU for 
each of the most active processes for both. My load average is around 5-6, 
and swapping is minimal, although memory usage is almost 100%. I know more 
RAM would help, but ....

My main concern is using Mailwatch, where it really takes time to load all 
but the "Recent messages" page. I thought this might be MySQL related, but 
this doesn't show as a problem anywhere. The machine does keep up. I get 
around 40K messages per day.

Would lowering or raising the Max Children benefit this condition, in 
anyone's opinion? I can see advantages in both lowering and raising it from 
5. This is a hyperthreaded machine, showing two CPUs on top.

Due to the recent discussion about Clam config files, I thought I might 
ask -  is there something to speed up the Clam and Bitdefender stuff other 
than the Clam module? Does it sound like the number of messages being 
scanned is too high per process?

This is not the latest Clam, but the prior release, and the free Bitdefender 
for Linux.

Steve Campbell
campbell at
Charleston Newspapers

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