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Mon Jun 5 15:11:31 IST 2006

On 5 Jun 2006, at 12:33, DAve wrote:

> Julian Field wrote:
>> Is my ClamAV+SA package useless on FreeBSD?
> Not at all.
>> If so, why, and is there anything easy I could do to fix it?
>> It's just that it does all sorts of other tweaks and settings for  
>> you, as well as just build and install the packages.
> The issue it not whether your package works but whether your  
> package installs in the same manner as other FreeBSD software. I  
> use non FreeBSD installs all the time, you will find most FreeBSD  
> admins have no problem with non FreeBSD installs.
>> I guess I could just document all the tweaks it does on the wiki.  
>> Is that actually the best solution?
> You could simply make your installer script FreeBSD aware and  
> everything would be fine. Jan would be the man to talk to, as he  
> maintains the FreeBSD port he already knows what needs to be where  
> for a FreeBSD system.

Okay, I will contact Jan-Peter, and find out what should be where.

> Note, upgrading from 4.38 to 4.54.6 showed a marked speed  
> improvement. My processing speed jumped up in MailScanner-mrtg on  
> the minute I restarted MailScanner, literaly, it is 10x faster.  
> Thanks!

The speed improvements all came together at version 4.50. I should  
have done a version number jump then and gone to version 5.00, but at  
the time I didn't think it was right. The speedup was pretty big!

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