[Clamav-users] Problem with internal logger

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Fri Jun 2 16:24:17 IST 2006

Anthony Peacock wrote:
> Hi Julian,
> Julian Field wrote:
>> On 1 Jun 2006, at 16:30, Kai Schaetzl wrote:
>>> Julian Field wrote on Thu, 1 Jun 2006 14:04:52 +0100:
>>>> My easy-to-install ClamAV+SA package configures freshclam.conf and
>>>> spamd.conf for you, by commenting out the "Example" lines.
>>> and then sets the mirror to US ?
>> No, as I don't know what country you might be in. It just gets it
>> working for you, saving new users a nasty catch which will confuse
>> them entirely. Doing things like this annoys me, as they don't
>> produce a nice error message telling the user what they need to do
>> to alleviate the problem. It's a case of "Switch this option on to
>> make anything work, default is off". I know I do it myself, but I do
>> at least generate a polite error message which tells the user they
>> need to set their company name in MailScanner.conf. 
>> I am considering removing it from MailScanner.
>> If the %org-name% has not been configured, then I just use the domain
>> name by using Sys::Hostname::Long which is already needed by
>> SpamAssassin so most people have it installed already. I replace the
>> hostname with www to get the website address, and put the same in
>> %org-long-name% as %org-name%.
>> Does that sound rather better than the current "I'm not going to
>> start" behaviour.
> I wouldn't really be in favour of this.
> A side-effect of the current behaviour is that it forces the person
> installing the system to at least open and look at the config file
> first. 
> I don't think anyone should be installing something as important as
> mailscanner without at least understanding what the default options
> are doing.

I think it's a good idea.  Only thing I'd do differently is to use the
hostname instead of www + domain-name.  That would keep it shorter (I
like concise), and the comments mention that periods sometimes hose the
Symantic virus scanner or something to that effect.  Don't use Symantic
so didn't pay too close attention.

Maybe I'm just being grumpy, but I think anybody installing something
like MailScanner w/o looking at the docs deserves what they get! <g>  

Just my inflation adjusted, subject to federal, state and local taxes,
$.02 worth...

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