Listserv whitelisting: Reply-to header field?

Brett Charbeneau brett at
Thu Jun 1 20:41:55 IST 2006

> Look in your maillog for the envelope sender.  It may well be quite
> different from the From: in the message itself.  You need to work with
> the envelope sender and not the message sender.  Use the following
> option to get it in the message headers of every email processed my MS:
> Add Envelope From Header = yes
> When you have the envelope sender, use that value (maybe with wildcards)
> in your whitelist rule.

 	I appreciate the reply, Denis!
 	I actually have that directive in my MailScanner.conf file already, but 
haven't looked at the envelope sender field. Interesting.
 	Would I list this as a simple "From:" statement in my



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