Another call for improvements

Chris Hammond chris at
Thu Jun 1 18:56:31 IST 2006

Jeff, is this a script that can and/or willing to share?  I wouldn't
even know where to start
to do something like this.

>>> "Jeff Mills" <Jeff.Mills at> 05/31/06 7:13 PM >>> 
I have created a public Folder on the exchange box for spam where users
have access to drop emails, but not view the contents of the folder.
I then run a script every hour where my MailScanner box connects to the
public folder and learns from the mail in there.
Once a week I run a script to clear the contents of the folder.

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> Can't you use mailwatch?
> Pete Russell wrote:
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> > Love to see a tool that really easily allows us 
> exchange/outlook users 
> > to provide a service to end users to be able to forward 
> spam that does 
> > get through to a SPAM or NOT SPAM mailbox that is auto sa- learned
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