SpamAssassin error appearing in mail.warn

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Sat Jul 29 20:32:39 IST 2006

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In which case delete that setting, it shouldn't be there. Not sure why 
it was there, it shouldn't be.

Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
> I did not copy the MailScanner.conf file from the old to the new machine.
> This is a scratch install. 
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> Did you by any chance copy your old MailScanner.conf to the new machine?
> You need to run
> 	upgrade_MailScanner_conf
> and it will remove this setting as it does not exist in newer versions.
> Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
>> I had not upgraded the applications from previous versions, this was a scratch
>> install. 
>> Therefore I didn't think of running the upgrade_languages_conf command. Isn't
>> that 
>> binary used strictly for upgrading from a previous version?

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