MailScanner logwatch script

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Fri Jul 28 16:40:42 IST 2006

Tony Stocker wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm getting a lot of things listed under "Unmatched Entries" with the
> logwatch script for MailScanner.  They fall into a couple of
> categories:


> Does anyone have any ideas how to tune things so this stuff doesn't
> end up in there?  There are a lot of entry types here so I'm loathe to
> rewrite the mailscanner logwatch script and I'm not even sure how to
> write a filter for what I called the "Message conversion" entries that
> wouldn't catch everything.

Funny, I'm currently working on this...

Here are a few tips:

1- Get the latest version of logwatch
2- Get the latest version of the mailscanner script from cvs
3- Copy this file in /etc/logwatch/scripts/services
4- Look at the /etc/logwatch/conf/ignore.conf

That should get you started...

> Tony

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