SOLVED: RE: Some mail (up to 7 days old) is stuck in/var/spool/mqueue

Chris W. Parker cparker at
Thu Jul 27 22:08:12 IST 2006

Scott Silva <mailto:ssilva at>
    on Thursday, July 27, 2006 1:37 PM said:

> You will be back after the flood of spam.

hehe Well.. Here's my plan. I'm going to move to Exchange 2003 and take
advantage of all the new features with regards to spam fighting and
whatnot. Then I may or may not add a 3rd party app from Sunbelt Software
called Messaging Ninja. It is supposed to be pretty good.

But I've still got to plan the whole thing and come up with a proposal
for the owner.

The one issue about MailScanner that I have is that there is not a
plugin for Outlook that allows my users to easily manage their own
white/black lists.

MailScanner is too separated from Exchange.

> I would spend the time with linux. Exchange admins are a dime a
> dozen, and are flooding the market. But a good linux admin is worth
> his weight in gold.

I agree with you but frankly I'm not the type of person that enjoys
sitting for hours researching a problem and tweaking files. Where I *am*
able to do that (and enjoy it almost all of the time) is one the web.
Building web apps is what I enjoy. It's easy to work 10-12 hour days
when I'm building something.

But overall I don't dislike MailScanner or dislike linux at all. (Well,
maybe I hate package dependancies...)


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