Outgoing email flagged as spam then deleted

Michael S. admin at thenamegame.com
Thu Jul 27 21:01:20 IST 2006

Ok, I believe I can add to spam.whitelist.rules. That should work.

Don't have a problem with user abusing forms as we have strict mod_security
rules that prevents these things. Nice thought though.


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Michael S. wrote:
> We are seeing a lot of users emails being deleted, outbound because 
> its scoring higher than our threshold, 5.0.
> I though messages from outbound was not checked? It seems 
> like it is. Which setting in MS prevents
> Outgoing emails from from being checked for spam?
The same that prevents outgoing emails from any IP from being checked 
for spam. Rulesets. Look for "spam checks = " and implement a ruleset. 
You *may* want to hold off on *not* scanning messages sent from if, for example, you host a webserver with forms. Some web 
forms can be tampered with in order to make them send out spam. Unless 
you've taken good care not to allow MIME injection within your web 
forms, you could be vulnerable

Good luck with that in any case.

> Eg Jul 27 10:12:02 orion MailScanner[54895]: Message 1G66an-000Equ-O1 
> from (user at orion.server.com) to domain.com is spam, 
> SpamAssassin (score=5.216, required 3.5, BIZ_TLD 2.01, HTML_90_100 
> -0.00, X_PRIORITY_HIGH 0.43)

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