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Thu Jul 27 17:56:30 IST 2006

Basically, The script first stops MailScanner then does a ls of each que 
dir mqueue, mqueue.out, it then dumps those dir lists into a 
text files.

Then I do comparisons of the contents looking for missing qf or df 
files, if it finds a part missing it deletes the file from the que dir. 
it also lists the parts deleted to stout.

Once all three text files are checked it then reminds you to 
/etc/init.d/MailScanner start

simply put it checks all que's then removes any unmatched qf and df files.

Raymond H Thrush II

> I have had this happen occasionally, just write a small script to
> clean the ques on demand ie, after an upgrade, or a forced shutdown
> or crash.

"clean the ques"? I don't understand what your script is doing (even
after reading the short summary at the top of it).

Could you please explain more detail?


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