Setting MailScanner not to block certain emails because of attachments

Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at
Thu Jul 27 16:27:41 IST 2006

I thought that I had this setup correctly, but obviously I am not doing
something correct.  

--- In my MailScanner.conf I have:
Filename Rules = %rules-dir%/filenames.rules 

--- In filenames.rules I have:
# Thiss is the file that is configured for the rules in the
# /etc/MailScanner.conf file

FromOrTo:       default /etc/MailScanner/filename.rules.conf


--- In my filename.rules.conf I have not changed anything in there

--- In my quarantine.release.rules.conf I have:
allow   -       -       -       -

Is it obvious what I have done wrong to set the rule setup?

The process that I am doing.  I am releasing emails from MailWatch that
got quarintined because of the file attachment.  It either used to work
or it works on some things and not the other.

Thank you for your support.

Billy Pumphrey

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