Installation of MailScanner on Debian

Hancock, Scott HancockS at
Wed Jul 26 18:51:39 IST 2006

I'm interested in helping.  

I would need significant training however.

I might run from source again for the time being.  The Debian package
seems to lag each summer.

-Scott Hancock

> Hi all
> There doesn't seem to be much in the way of documentation for 
> installing MailScanner on a Debian system.  Users seem to 
> face two choices:
> 	Install the Debian package, but that is always somewhat 
> out of date or
> 	Install from source, but that will result in an 
> installation that
> 	is not Debianised at all.
> I would like to have the best of both worlds.  Ideally what 
> is needed is for the maintainer of the Debian package to 
> bring that out within a week or so of the standard RPM and 
> source packages.  Assuming that their resources are limited, 
> could we not set up a Debian group that could assist in 
> ensuring that this gets out as quickly as possible?  
> Alternatively, what about some basic instructions on 
> Debianising the source package so that users can do it themselves?
> Regards
> Jim Holland
> System Administrator
> MANGO - Zimbabwe's non-profit e-mail service

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