newer clamscan causes sig 11

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Wed Jul 26 15:24:13 IST 2006

Julian Field wrote:
> Hmmm.... tricky one this. You are "using the rarlib patch". Everyone 
> else has no problems at all,  you are using some patch or other. 
> Perhaps the problem lies with the patch? Have you tried it without 
> this patch?
> :-)

Thats my guess too, since the current version of rar is beta 6 (wouldn't 
disabling rarlib patch mean v3+ rar files will never get scanned?), 
however it's happened on a system than never received a rar file. But it 
works just fine from command line, i catch these errors every so often 
in my logs. I don't suppose anything major has changed in the way MS 
uses clamscan?

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