is this just me? SPF cannot find Envelope-From?

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Tue Jul 25 20:43:34 IST 2006

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> Subject: Re: is this just me? SPF cannot find Envelope-From?
> Take a look in spam.assassin.prefs.conf. Mine says this:
> envelope_sender_header X-ECS-MailScanner-From
> Basically you have to tell it where and how to find the 
> Envelope From address in the headers. So make sure your 
> MailScanner is adding this header (obviously you can call it 
> whatever you like, this is for my site).

Thanks, Julian.

That wasn't it exactly my problem, but after I went to lunch, took a
20-minute nap, and then started writing out all of my proof that I
wasn't dumb enough to mess that bit up... Well, as usual that's when I
realized my stupid mistake. :-)

...well, at least part of the problem.

I hadn't been restarting MailScanner after updating the
spam.assassin.prefs.conf file, so on messages passing in through MS the
header name was still different.

I'm still not sure why my testing with a spam file isn't working
(spamassassin -D --lint </tmp/message.spam >foo 2>&1), but a message I
passed in via sendmail and forged to use WAS scored by
SPF_NEUTRAL, which is an improvement.


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