High Scoring Spam Actions change/problem

Brady Tucker mailscanner at icnet.net
Tue Jul 25 05:45:31 IST 2006

With 4.50.x and before I used:  
High Scoring Spam Actions = delete,forward spambox at mydomain.com
and it worked fine.
With 4.53.6 I get this error:
Jul 24 22:48:19 mymail MailScanner[18496]: Message k6P3m8i9018698 produced
illegal High-Scoring Spam Action "deleteforward", so message is being
appears to skip multiple arguments and misses the comma altogether now....
If I swap the order around to :
High Scoring Spam Actions = forward spambox at mydomain.com,delete
It then attempts to forward mail to spambox at mydomain.comdelete (as seen in
the following error) - not parsing multiple arguments/ignoring the comma
again and appending delete to the e-mail address:
Jul 24 21:02:53 mymail sendmail[15404]: k6P22ffK015390:
to=<spambox at mydomain.comdelete>, delay=00:00:12, xdelay=00:00:00,
mailer=esmtp, pri=125089, relay=vpassets.comdelete, dsn=5.1.2, stat=Host
unknown (Name server: mydomain.comdelete: host not found)
Thank you,
                                                 Brady A. Tucker
                                                 batucker at icnet.net
                                                 Internet Complete!
                                                 w w w . i c n e t . n e t

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