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Mon Jul 24 18:05:51 IST 2006

On Mon24 Jul 06, at 17:42, Ugo Bellavance wrote:

> Julian Field wrote:
>> On 24 Jul 2006, at 13:19, Ugo Bellavance wrote:
>>> Mike Kercher wrote:
>>>> I downloaded the tarball and the contents match what's in your  
>>>> logs.
>>>> Perhaps someone emailed the tarball to one of your users.
>>> Yeah, I did extract it as well...  But does MailScanner does  
>>> normally
>>> every file when it extracts a tarball?
>> Yes, it opens up tar, zip and rar files to do filename/filetype  
>> checking
>> on the contents.
> Sorry, I was missing a word in my question, it should read:
> But does MailScanner does normally log every file when it extracts a
> tarball?

Depends on your logging options: mine say
Log Speed = no
Log Spam = yes
Log Non Spam = no
Log Permitted Filenames = no
Log Permitted Filetypes = no
Log Silent Viruses = no
Log Dangerous HTML Tags = no
Log MCP = no

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