lots of spam getting through all of a sudden

Craig Retief craig at csfs.co.za
Mon Jul 24 14:04:19 IST 2006

Hi List,


I'm experiencing the same problem as Dee,


Any advice on what might be the cause?


One particular mail that I see coming through alot lately is a stock mail
from "Goldmark Industries (GDKI.PK)". The message structure is very similar
with an inline gif that contains the info and then some text that follows.







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Subject: lots of spam getting through all of a sudden


Hi All,


          Got a problem with Mailscanner/spamassassin everything had been
working fine and it was catching the majority of spam however now all of a
sudden it has just starting letting lots through even stuff it used to


Any ideas what might have happened, server is running latest versions of
Mailscanner and Spamassassin?





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