Mailscanner dies on some "corrupt" files

David Nalley davidn at
Fri Jul 21 20:05:10 IST 2006

> I use Mailscanner + postfix + spamassassin. Everything seems 
> to run properly. Suddenly mailscanner would stop scanningany 
> more mails from hold queue and Mailscanner processes go 
> defunct When I start Mailscanner again in debug mode I get
> "Can't call method "DropFromBatch" on unblessed reference at 
> /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/ line 332.
> I have to find which file it is looking at by puting debug 
> statements in and find out which file it is and 

If I understand the situation that you are describing properly I think I
have seen it once before, and it was a result of a failing hard drive.
MailScanner would see the messages in queue and fail repeatedly on
accessing it, claiming that it was a corrupt message. IIRC (it's been
quite a while) the mail was essentially corrupted, and removing the file
allowed it to continue processing the rest of the messages in the queue.
I think the queue would be processed up til the point it came upon the
"corrupted" message and wouldn't move past that, so a small trickle of
mail would flow through. Again, this was a year and a half ago, and we
may not be talking about the same thing, but it sounds awfully familiar.

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