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Thu Jul 20 11:58:56 IST 2006

On Wed, 19 Jul 2006, Marcos Sobral wrote:

> And what check you use to detect spam?.

The problem only existed on one of the servers, it was either disable it 
or customers get mail an hour to day later which is very unacceptable,
most the reponses i got off this list was expand the hardware, not a very
efficent business decision, so we disabled it, we do run SA on other 
machines that can handle it, we arent talking about system load here 
either these delyas banked up with a server at no more than 3 loading.

We stop majority of spam by blocking non rfc1912 compliant servers, and
all of cn/tw, might be harsh blocking TLD's but frankly I dont care, not 
until they care and do something about their spamming users.

Also I find spamassassin pretty pointless, I mean we have our min spam 
levels set to 3, that warns people, and the high level set to kill it off 
at 10, so we are accepting 99.9% of it anyway arent we, vast majority of 
it lately scores around 2 to 7, even the latest calais viagra BS is rated 
at 1-2 by SA so it will pass, too much legitimate email is in 3-7, at a
score of 7 there is genuine emails, I get weekly emails for cisco equipment
and it regulary scores 4-7 :)

So in essence, S.A is good for stopping about 0.1% of it.
nice and handy and warns the suer the otehr 99.9% of the time BUT because 
its a warning  people will at least start to read it to see if its spam or 


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