Mailscanner mqueuein trouble

Marcos Sobral sobralm at
Wed Jul 19 19:14:20 IST 2006

Virus Scan with clamav
Attach Filename check

I forward the spam to another acount to do the spam-digest.

There are some things that maybe could help me with the tunning of 
MailScanner, like the Number of mails in each process, now that I´m 
working with a tmpfs maybe I could rise the Max Messages Per Scan values.
And what about the Childs, is it good to have a good number of childs? 
do they allow me to process more mail? How can I know which amount is 
the right one for my servers?.
Thanks a lot!!


Michele Neylon:: wrote:
> .
> If you up the RAM on all the servers you should see improvements.
> Which checks are you running?

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