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Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at
Wed Jul 19 18:49:17 IST 2006

Marcos Sobral a écrit :
> Hi, I need a hand.
> I´m actually having problems with Mailscaner. I have around 150,000 
> emails each day.
> I´m working with 3 smtps servers each one with sendmail and 
> mailscanner, the servers are an Atlhlon 2000 (512mb ram), a P4 2.4 
> (1Gb ram) a P4 2.8 (512ram). I use pen loadbalancer to balance them
> Both P4 have 2 harddrives (ide 7200rpm) one for the system other for 
> de mqueues dirs, the Atlhon has only one hard disk.
> And after trying tunning Mailscaner (like using tmpfs for de incoming 
> dir), instead of all my efforts the increases creating 
> delays of 20 to 60 minutes.
> If someone had problems of this kind I would like if he could give me 
> some advices.
> Also I would like to know which hardware do you recommend for a diary 
> traffic of around 300,000 emails.


1GB is the miminum you should have in your servers if you use tmpfs (ram 
disks).  I upgraded the RAM to 2.5GB on all my servers and they are much 
happier.  Fast disks are also a blessing.


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