SMTP Authorization

Michele Neylon:: michele at
Tue Jul 18 18:55:25 IST 2006

Jeff Graves wrote:
> I've been looking for a SMTP server authorization mechanism. Basically, it
> would work something like a system connects trying to send mail that's from
> user at - the receiving server queries the DNS records for
> and checks that the connecting IP is authorized to send mail for
> the domain. Plugging this into a MailScanner install could do a
> couple of things: block it, force greylist milter, assign a higher
> spamassassin score (or whitelist), etc. I've seen a few drafts out there for
> such an implementation but no working software. Does anything exist
> (preferably that works with MailScanner and sendmail)?
Unless I'm losing my mind it sounds like SPF...

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