Another call for improvements

Ken A ka at
Mon Jul 17 18:58:52 IST 2006

I know you just got back from vacation, so please take it easy and file 
this somewhere deep in the pile.. :-)

Per user S.A. scores would be nice. There are times when whitelisting 
isn't enough, especially as mail from .CN continues to be both very 
spammy and increasingly more necessary for business. :-\

Ken A.

Julian Field wrote:
> Any of you got any features which you really need?
> I don't guarantee to implement them, or even consider them :-)
> Anything you don't like, anything you particularly like (gratitude is 
> always welcome :-) I'm a right sucker for it :-)
> At the moment there aren't any features people want, other than a 200% 
> speed improvement which I've done my best for in the past.
> Don't ignore anything you have asked for in the past, consider them 
> forgotten :-(
> Regards,
> Jules.

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