Julian's holiday

Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at USherbrooke.ca
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Julian Field a écrit :
> On Fri14 Jul 06, at 14:25, Denis Beauchemin wrote:
>> Julian Field a écrit :
>>> I have just updated it to the latest ClamAV 0.88.3.
>> Thanks!
>> Glad to see you're back... How was your vacation?  Hope you had 
>> plenty of sun and chablis.
> The holiday was great. Can you imagine 25 C (about 79F) and glorious 
> sunshine in Bergen (look it up, it's a long way north). Only the last 
> couple of days were really wet and cloudy, the rest of the time we had 
> very good weather. Spectacular scenery every you look, mountains and 
> fjords everywhere. Loads of gorgeous blondes every where too, very 
> easy on the eyes :-)
> Had a lovely 12 days away from everything and everyone, just me and a 
> couple of my mates who were doing all the driving for me. I bought 
> myself a reindeer skin as well, to go with the sheepskin rug I have in 
> my living room, it is going to be lovely to lie on in the winter nights.
> A great time was had by all!
> Jules.

You drove to Norway???  How far was it?

The scenery must have been quite spectacular!


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