sa-update and restarting MailScanner?

Logan Shaw lshaw at
Mon Jul 17 14:59:44 IST 2006

On Mon, 17 Jul 2006, Martin Hepworth wrote:

> Logan Shaw wrote:
>> Is it necessary to restart MailScanner after I run sa-update
>> (which updates SpamAssassin rules) in order for MailScanner
>> to start using the updated rules?
>> MailScanner is using the SpamAssassin Perl modules directly,
>> so that makes me think so.
>> On the other hand, I have
>>     Restart Every = 7200
>> in MailScanner.conf, so maybe that's sufficient.

> depends how quickly you want the changes to take effect....
> if you want immediate changes then you need to restart MS.

I don't really need immediate changes, so what I'm wondering is
this: if I don't restart it explicitly, is the "Restart Every"
directive sufficient to cause MailScanner to pick up the new
rules eventually?  It could be implemented so that the loading
of the rules is done before children are fork()ed, which would
mean restarting children every 7200 seconds wouldn't cause
the rules to be reloaded.  Or, it could be the other way, in
which case the "Restart Every" directive would be sufficient
to have new rules picked up eventually.

   - Logan

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