DCC config and MailScanner lint complaints on RHEL3

Richard Potter rpotter at rpcs.net
Sun Jul 16 17:37:00 IST 2006

In reply to myself, a downgrade to spamassassin 3.0.6 fixed the problem. 
It seems there IS a problem with spamassassin 3.1.x and the perl shipped 
with RHEL3 (perl


On Thu, Jul 13, 2006 at 10:04:43AM -0400, Richard Potter wrote:

> I'm having problems on two RHEL3 servers, one is official RedHat, the 
> other is a Centos box. SA lints OK, showing DCC and pyzor found, but 
> they are not working.
> MailScanner --lint pukes on pyzor_path and dcc_path, as mentioned by 
> Jeff in a previous thread.
> How can I troubleshoot this?
> What I find interesting, is that the very same MailScanner and SA setups 
> are working fine on two RHEL4 servers. Could it be a perl issue on RHEL3 ?
> Cheers!
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> Richard Potter
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