User Management Spam Score not working

Jeff Ramsey jefframsey at
Sun Jul 16 04:00:27 IST 2006

Hi All,

	First post to the list. I just got MailScanner and MailWatch up and  
running yesterday. I'm very impressed. Every issue that I ran into,  
was just a search away. Every issue except one...

	If I change the Spam Score or High Spam Score on the User Management  
page of the MailWatch, it does update the database record for that  
user, but MailScanner does not use this score. For instance, if I set  
the SPAM SCORE for my user account to 4 instead of my default 5, when  
I receive an email, it is evaluated with 5 being the required number  
of hits for the message to be labeled Spam.

	Prior to running MailWatch/MailScanner, I was using Spamassassin  
3.0.3 with Sendmail and Spamass-milter, and I created a spamassassin  
MySQL database with a userprefs table that had a per user spam score  
column, and I had to set the spam score in the file to the  

user_scores_dsn                  DBI:mysql:spamassassin:localhost:3306
user_scores_sql_password         password
user_scores_sql_username         username
user_scores_sql_custom_query     SELECT preference, value FROM  
_TABLE_ WHERE username = _USERNAME_ OR username = '$GLOBAL' OR  
username = CONCAT('%',_DOMAIN_) ORDER BY username ASC

Do I just need to set the same or similar variables in /etc/ 
MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf, or is there something in the  
Installation instructions that I overlooked?


Jeff Ramsey
jefframsey at

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