sa-update and restarting MailScanner?

Logan Shaw lshaw at
Fri Jul 14 21:47:50 IST 2006

Hello, everyone.

Is it necessary to restart MailScanner after I run sa-update
(which updates SpamAssassin rules) in order for MailScanner
to start using the updated rules?

MailScanner is using the SpamAssassin Perl modules directly,
so that makes me think so.

On the other hand, I have

 	Restart Every = 7200

in MailScanner.conf, so maybe that's sufficient.  I'm not really
sure what "Restart Every" actually restarts, i.e. whether
it's just the children that process messages from the queue
or the parent (master) as well.  (Presumably, the master has a
fairly small amount of fixed state and wouldn't need a restart
periodically to keep its restart usage in check.)

Note that I don't really mind if it takes 0 to 2 hours to pick
up the new rules.

    - Logan

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