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Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Jul 13 18:04:10 IST 2006

sanjaykumar.pradhan at spake the following on 7/12/2006
11:51 PM:
> Thanx Denis,
> Actually A sending mail TO B and CCed to C.
> One thing confusing me is eventhough A sending one mail, sendmail
> deliverying with 2 diff message ids with diff sizes.
> And also user B getting all mails with attachments from other users. So
> I am not suspecting mail client tolls.
> User A using MS outlook and userB using Outlook express.
> Any other clue ?
Is user C also using outlook?
If so, maybe user A is sending his mail set to rich text, which makes an
attachment structure that outlook express doesn't understand or open.


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