Querie about whitelist - FromAndTo rule

Steven Evans steve at netwaynetworks.com.au
Thu Jul 13 00:21:39 IST 2006

Hey guys

Having alittle trouble with spam at the moment.  Mailscanner is sofar
the best product I've seen on the market - good work Julian!

But I'm having alittle trouble with the white list function with

I have a lot of spasm getting through that are to and from users but are
really spam.  Ie to and from user at company.com.

Its quite an annoying problem because I havnt read anything in the list
sofar where someone else has had the same problem.

I've gone as far as having 2 rules like this:
FromAndTo:		user at company.com		no
From:			user at company.com		yes

Would the second rule cancel out the first rule?

Is there a feature in Mail scanner that can just drop or even mark
emails that are to and from the same person as spam?  Or am I missing


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