Mailscanner installed on macosx 10.4.7 intel

peter polz peter at
Wed Jul 12 13:43:39 IST 2006

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Thank you very much, did i need also the spamassassin+clamav bundle for

Did i need any developer tools for installing mailscanner or only start the

What is to do wih or with


> peter polz wrote:
>> Hi!
>> You have installed the FreeBSD version on the MacMini?
> Erm - the tar ball, yes. This one:
>> To you have a small docu for install on macmini intel?
> Not yet.  I was planning on writing one up on the Wiki, but after going
> through the process, there's really nothing particularly "Mac specific"
> beyond the standard tar ball install process, so I didn't really see the
> point.  The real tricky stuff is with the MTA (Macs use Postfix by
> default) - but even then if you're not wanting to do virtual-user and
> such, the default Postfix from Apple is fine (with the mods required for
> MailScanner).
> The only problems I had were with regard to some Perl modules, which
> simply needed to be installed without testing (some non-consequential
> tests failed preventing installation).  That was done via CPAN.  If you
> run Julian's install script in the tar ball version, you should be fine.
>  Same deal with his spamassassin+clamav bundle.  He's really done a lot
> of work to make the process quite painless.
> I think I was one of the first to install MailScanner on an Intel Mac
> and I worked pretty closely with Julian to iron out a few little
> wrinkles but nothing particularly important.  Apart from the launchd
> scripts to make sure MailScanner started at boot each time, it was
> really simple.
> After you've done the MailScanner install and made sure it's all ok, you
> need to add the launchd scripts.  I've attached the two scripts in a tar
> file which you simply need to unpack from the root directory ie;
> cd / ; sudo tar -zxvf /path/to/launchd-scripts.tar.gz
> Verify the permissions (this is IMPORTANT!!):
> drwxr-xr-x root  wheel /Library/StartupItems/MailScanner
> -rwxr-xr-x root  wheel MailScanner
> -rw-r--r-- root  wheel StartupParameters.plist
> (the last two are IN the /Library/StartupItems/MailScanner directory)
> Then add MailScanner to the hostconfig file:
> sudo echo "MAILSCANNER=-YES-" >> /etc/hostconfig
> Voila!  You're done.
> HTH,
> James

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