Mailscanner installed on macosx 10.4.7 intel

peter polz peter at
Tue Jul 11 15:57:40 IST 2006

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You have installed the FreeBSD version on the MacMini?

To you have a small docu for install on macmini intel?


>> Hello!
>> Has anyone installed mailscanner on macosx 10.4.7 intel
>> Regards
>> peter
> Yes.  It's currently running on my MacMini (CoreDuo) with 10.4.7 and
> will be responsible for delivering this message in fact :)  Postfix is
> the MTA (from fink) and courier-imap/pop3 (from source) handles final
> delivery to the users.  No major dramas installing MailScanner apart
> from a few Perl modules that I had to force install (no testing).  All
> the Perl stuff was done via CPAN (and webmin).
> Getting the whole thing set up with virtual users etc took a fair amount
> of googling and fiddling, but all up I'm very happy with the result.
> Just make sure you feed the Mac PLENTY of RAM!  Mine's got 2GB and it
> screams along - with 512MB it was slower than a snail stuck in molasses!
> One last thing - grab the latest beta version of MailScanner.  There's
> no issues with it on OSX 10.4.7.  Julian patched a few files in the beta
> version that I'm not sure are in the current "stable" MailScanner.
> Without those patches, you'll send your Mac to it's knees because the
> start up scripts will keep spawning children and never stop.
> Feel free to post an specific questions and I'll do my best to answer
> them :)
> Cheers,
> James
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