Spam Filter Survey [A little off topic]

Rick Chadderdon mailscanner at
Mon Jul 10 18:00:22 IST 2006

Annoying videos, weren't they?  Or is it just me?  I find it irritating
when someone tries to force a precise answer to a question that doesn't
have one.  "What's the minimum percentage of spam your product will
stop?"  What a ridiculous question.  It made it seem to me that the
interviewer had *no* idea how spam filters work or how spammers try to
get around them.  Maybe I'm just grumpy.


Christopher Sweeney wrote:
> Hey is conducting a spam filter software survey as they
> are moving to fight spam.  Here is the link to take it, I think we all
> need a write in vote for MailScanner I did!  After you take it there
> is an interesting video they shot at a trade show asking Anti-Spam
> filter companies about their software and how well they stand behind
> their claims.  Very interesting.  I thought everyone might be
> interested to check it out.
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