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Rodney Green rgreen at trayerproducts.com
Fri Jul 7 15:25:54 IST 2006

James Gray wrote:
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> Rodney Green wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a filter script that will scan an mbox file for spam
>> using spamassassin's rules and output any mail not found to be spam to
>> another file?
> Off the top of my head it seems to suggest a combination of "formail"
> and "procmail".  Parse the mbox with formail to break it up into
> individual messages, then pump them though spamassassin and depending on
>  what spamassassin finds, either dump to another mbox or delete (using
> procmail).  There are probably other ways, but it's 6:15am and I haven't
> had my coffee yet :P
Thanks James. What would be a good way to pump the messages through 
spamassassin? I'm not sure how to do that. As for procmail, I have never 
used it. I'll read up on it.

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