MailScanner stopped scanning

Ed Bruce edwardbruce at
Wed Jul 5 17:30:50 IST 2006

Drew Marshall wrote:
> On Wed, July 5, 2006 17:10, Ed Bruce wrote:
>> I've been reading various threads. Made a couple of changes, not really
>> paying attention, and noticed that at some point email is no longer
>> being scanned. So not really sure what I did to muck up my setup. I
>> basically did three things:
>> 1. Installed caching-nameserver and started named daemon.
>> 2. commented out dcc load module for spamassassin (I currently have
>> undone this change)
>> 3. Used CPAN to upgrade a couple of modules
> Me thinks this could be the culprit. Have you restarted MailScanner, just
> in case? If this doesn't work, try again this time in debug mode.
> Drew
I get this error in debug:

[root at mail1 root]# MailScanner -debug
In Debugging mode, not forking...
no connection to syslog available
    - _PATH_LOG not available in syslog.h at
/usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/ line 152
[root at mail1 root]#

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