Mouse over activated video email

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Jul 5 16:50:29 IST 2006

Plant, Dean spake the following on 7/5/2006 4:51 AM:
> Martin Hepworth wrote:
>> What version of outleek???
>> Outleek 2003 has html display turned off by default....which is a good
>> idea..
>> Also any downloaded rubbish should be trapped by the virus on the PC
>> anyway (hopefully)...
> Outlook 2002 & 2003.
> I know virus scanners should pick up the malicious data but disarming
> the mouse over would give us protection without having to rely on
> updates. I am just not sure if this type of action within email is
> anything to worry about.
> Thanks
> Dean.
E-mail in and of itself is a worry. If it bothers you AND your users, you
might be able to look for some common ground and catch it with a spamassassin
rule, or play with some of the disarm options and see what happens.


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