Using MailScanner with a proxy

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at
Wed Jul 5 14:34:38 IST 2006

Danny_Beland at wrote:
> Good morning,
> We use MailScanner behind a web proxy and unfortunately some scripts such
> as update_virus_scanners do not work. Is there a place where I could put
> the proxy name and port?

Don't do this... you'll have a hard time updating scripts every time you 
upgrade mailscanner.. instead see the man page for wget / curl (which i 
think is used in most scripts) and setup a .wgetrc (or something similar 
for curl) for the user running the scripts.

However there are some scripts 'clamav-autoupdate' for instance, which 
uses the freshclam command and has its own concept of a proxy, for such 
scripts you do not have an option but to modify them. mcafee-autoupdate 
on the other hand uses wget if available or falls back to curl and 
errors out if none are available.

- dhawal

> Thank you,
> Danny

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