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Drew Marshall drew at themarshalls.co.uk
Tue Jul 4 22:32:05 IST 2006

On 4 Jul 2006, at 13:19, Matt Hampton wrote:

> Sanity check - Everyone agrees to disagree.
> Now - anyone know why "MailScanner is responsible for SWAP usage".

Are you running Postfix? If so then it's because you are 'meddling  
with queue files' and using 'unsupported interfaces'. Due to the  
method that this is 'RAMmed' home in various other lists your RAM is  
now used up and your system is forced to swap. If you re-format your  
swap partition to allow it to swap common sense and new ideas for  
inflexibility and 'my way is always right' you will find this removes  
the need for RAMming and may bring the system load down around your  

Or on the other hand...



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