use of bayes

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Sun Jul 2 01:04:04 IST 2006

Pascal Maes wrote:
> Hello,
> When I'm running "spamassassin -D < spam.txt" on the command line, I can
> see that bayes is used because BAYES_99 is in the report.
> But for all the mails which are tagged as spam by MailScanner, I don't
> see BAYES in the report.
> Any idea why ?

99% of the time this is due to running the two tools as different users, or with
different configurations. Note that it's the user RUNNING the tool, not the
recipient in the To: line, that matters.

Odds are the spamassassin command line uses one bayes database (the one in the
current user's home-dir most likely), and mailscanner using a different bayes

Check carefully what user your are logged in as when you do this.

Also, check carefully what user your MailScanner children are running as.

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