More observations on "Mailscanner stopped delivering to outgoing queue"

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Sat Jul 1 20:22:05 IST 2006

On 01/07/06, Mordur Ingolfsson <ms at> wrote:
> I apologize for not having been thorough enough in the first place, but
> I have been looking better into the problem described in my previous
> mail to this list under the subject ."Mailscanner stopped delivering to
> outgoing queue"  a few hours ago.
> Below is an excerpt from syslog. Everything is fine and messages get
> nicely processed and delivered, as the first five lines indicate.  Then,
> at 12:53:13, something happens and Debian-exim (the exim user and the
> username under which mailscanner operates) starts to complain about
> something (lines in syslog excerpt below marked with"--------->" ) . And
> the message gets scanned and rescanned.
> After this, nothing gets delivered. If you read further into the syslog
> excerpt you will see that this messages, and messages delivered to the
> host subsequently, do not get delivered. Messages are piling up on the
> incoming queue and MailScanner refuses to deliver. The child processes
> are zombies <defunct> and I simply cannot find a way arount this.
> Thank you,
> Mordur
> Jun 30 12:53:21 mx0 dccproc[25688]: socket(UDP): Address family not
> supported by protocol
> --------->Jun 30 12:53:25 mx0 Debian-exim: Process did not exit cleanly,
> returned 28 with signal 0

I'm not sure the dcc error is the culprit, but... well, something
exits with an error, probably "agitating" exim... you should look into

-- Glenn
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