Best Way to Control Relaying?

Muhammad Nauman nauman at
Sat Jul 1 04:14:17 IST 2006

Hi all,

Despite having this in my access fil

# The /usr/share/doc/sendmail/ is part of the sendmail-doc
# package.
# by default we allow relaying from localhost...
localhost.localdomain           RELAY
localhost                       RELAY
AUTH    : OK
*       : REJECT

and i can clearly see the my sendmail is compiled with AUTH options

250-SIZE 15000000
250 HELP

Its still relaying mail 

250 HELP
Mail from:no at
250 2.1.0 no at Sender ok
RCPT to:no at
250 2.1.5 no at Recipient ok

Any idea to why is it still acting like this - where it should not !!

can any one tell me - how to find out - why its doing so !!

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