blank "is" report lines in syslog?

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Matt Kettler wrote on 27-1-2006 21:06:

>>We don't blindly accept messages. But we do send a bounce if the mailbox
>>doesn't exist, or if the box is overquota, or if the message is too
>>large, or delivery fails for any other reason. Some of these bounces
>>will be after the connection and the message has been accepted.
> Only overquota or "other reason" should be bounced post-accept.
> Message to large should be failed at the end of the SMTP data phase.
> Nonexistent mailbox should be failed at the SMTP RCPT TO phase.

I talked to an ISP this morning who was having problems with bounces
making it to spamcop. They have implemented mail-ahead to at least
lessen the problem. But they still have customers using Exchange (only a
few), UUCP (a lot) or fetchmail (a few).

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