blank "is" report lines in syslog?

DAve dave.list at
Fri Jan 27 19:51:06 GMT 2006

Matt Kettler wrote:
> DAve wrote:
>>Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
>>>===> BTW <====
>>>Who uses spamcop anymore for either an RBL or SpamAssassin scoring?
>>We dropped them after going round and round with them about bounce
> I for one am SOOO glad spamcop blacklists sites generating backwash. In this day
> and age blind-accepting mail queues are just as bad a smurf amplifiers.
> Blacklist them all to hell until they clean up their act.

We don't blindly accept messages. But we do send a bounce if the mailbox 
doesn't exist, or if the box is overquota, or if the message is too 
large, or delivery fails for any other reason. Some of these bounces 
will be after the connection and the message has been accepted.

Email requires post-smtp bouncing, not just because of RFCs, but to work 
properly. But I won't go further as this has been torched in all 
directions on many many lists.

Suffice to say he asked if anyone dropped SpamCop, I responded that we 
had, and stated why.


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