MailScanner chokes

hermit921 hermit921 at
Thu Jan 26 18:53:25 GMT 2006

At 04:55 PM 1/25/2006, Scott Silva wrote:
>hermit921 spake the following on 1/25/2006 4:36 PM:
> > We are starting to see a problem on 1 or 2 of our three MailScanner
> > systems where mail starts accumulating in the hold queue.  We tried
> > various things, with little success.  Turning off spamassassin in
> > MailScanner made no difference.  Stopping MailScanner and starting
> > postfix, then doing postsuper -H ALL followed by postfix flush pushes
> > out all the messages.  Of course this bypasses MailScanner.
> >
> > In Debug mode, we get the following, which isn't much.  We waited
> > several minutes and this output never changed.  Any ideas what is wrong?
> >
>Could the database be full? Corrupted? The file system the database is on full
>or out of inodes?
>Try and remove the call to the MailWatch logging module, and see if things
>clear up. That should clear up any doubt about the database being the culprit.

We had changed the Always Looked Up Last line to no, but that made no 
difference.  The system has lots of free disk space, inodes, etc.


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