Running as root

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Thu Jan 26 18:17:37 GMT 2006

Matt Kettler wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> On 26 Jan 2006, at 15:02, Darryl DeLao wrote:
>>> Is there any dangers to running MailScanner as root?  What user should
>>> it run under?
>> It needs to run as the same user as your MTA. It does not interact with
>> the outside world at all (that's the job of your MTA) so root is pretty
>> safe.
> Unless of course your AV has a security flaw which can be exploited by feeding
> it malformed data. Many AV products have recently had fixes for such holes in
> their handling of various compressed or "encrypted" executables.

Here is a recent one:


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