HOW: Setting "Spam List" ruleset.

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Jan 26 17:00:22 GMT 2006

Lawrence Lam spake the following on 1/26/2006 4:43 AM:
> I thought it should be like the below if I do not want my emails checked:
> FromOrTo: 61.50.*
> FromOrTo: default SBL+XBL
> I use dynamic IP that starts with 61.50.*

You do realize that if your dynamic ip range is picked up when you send on
those lists, you will be blocked, or at least tagged as spam, by a large
portion of the people you send mail to. My site drops mails found on the
SBL+XBL list, as do many other sites. If you want reliable mail service, you
should look into getting either a static IP, or a smarthost somewhere to route
your mail through.

Just trying to help you avoid problems.


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