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Jeff A. Earickson wrote on 24-1-2006 14:40:

>   My perl script, or Julian's, or Peter Peters' script is attached.
> As you can see from the copyright comment at the top, those two cooked
> this script up long ago.  Then I've been modifying it for my own
> environment over the years.  The Batch timing stats were this month's
> addition due to HighRes.

I prefer you add your own copyright comment at the top so we all know I
am not the only one working on this. Perhaps a repository of homebrew
scripts on the MS site is a good idea.

> I really should get MailWatch or vispan going...

That is on my to-do list for our new servers. I have been working on it
for months now. And every time I think I can migrate the server I build
to the other servers standing ready Julian comes up with a new neat
feature that I have to test.

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