MailScanner and sendmail - Problems

Greg Borders gborders at
Thu Jan 19 21:03:29 GMT 2006

Marcel Blenkers wrote:
> reinstalled a fresh installation.
> went through the config-file, edited it..and then set MailScanner to be 
> started at systemreboot
> Works fine..
> rcMailscanner restart works fine
> rcMailScanner stop just stops MailScanner, sendmail-out and 
> sendmail-client, but sendmail-in still exists
Perhaps you still have the sendmail running in daemon mode?  I've seen 
all too often of those putting in new installs that don't turn off the 
MTA first.

It's not directly intuitive to some that MailScanner takes over the 
control of the MTA, in launching it's own copies of sendmail as it needs 
Typically, scanners are boltons to the MTA, or run as independant 
daemons like SA can.

Julian's clever coding takes great advantage of the ability to run 
dedicated instances of sendmail (or any MTA) and SA. They act like lil 
mail soldiers under Admiral MailScanner, ridding us of evil SPAM 
juggernauts that try to invade our toasters!

I've not heard my boss even mention things like dedicated boxes like the 
Baraccudas since we've installed MS here at my company. ^_^  Thanks 
Julian for the hard work! I'll get the boss to order up a copy of your 
book soon.

Greg Borders
Sys. Admin.

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